A proven background…

Semiconductor manufacturing is one of the most stringent and dynamic industries where innovation is key. More and more, manufacturing excellence is required to meet quality standards. 

Our unique combination of experience, expertise and capability puts our team in the forefront of product development for related markets that are more cost conscious

lower cost = Expanded use 

AOI is normally used for repeatable quality but can also be used to identify production and yield issues early on.

Our low cost platforms means production lines can create real data and understanding in many more areas than just final inspection when your product is at its most valuable.

Once correlated with operators the systems are tireless workers

Future proof design

A modular system split into robotics optics and software means that technology advances in mechanics, optics and speedier software can work for you for years.

Customised designs are all based on industry standards keeping future support and upgrade costs to a minimum.

Upgrades and specific proprietary needs can also be met – just ask.

Scrutiny Systems has an experienced team from both semiconductor manufacturing and software development who have been supporting
industry for many years. We have in-depth confidential discussions to help your business on a technical and commercial basis.