Automated Inspection is a management decision not a technical one….

Failure to implement a strategy could cost you your customers…….

Control your production:
Identify possible process errors, sources of defects and contamination early on in your process. Either sample or 100% is possible.
Early identification can help control your costs dramatically and prevent customer field returns.

Cost Control:
The real cost of poor quality can be substantial and damage your business.
Lines of inconsistent operators can  be very expensive, but so has automatic inspection.
By automating inspection at a manageable cost can normally increase the amount of product inspected, and improve overall quality.

Our goal is to reduce the cost of implementing an AOI strategy.

Be and Stay Competitive:
Whether you like it or not your competitors are also looking to gain more business by guaranteeing their products are inspected.
Depending on your industry sector, Medical, Automotive, Aerospace etc. products require different needs. We understand this and provide flexible solutions.

Accountability, Traceability is good for your business

Data management is good for your business. Archives and secure remote access can used for management purposes, accountability and traceability – all required by todays industry sectors.  Data formatting and reporting can be customised to suit.

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