Detection of defects in semiconductor wafers, devices and related products is very subjective and varies from company to company. We have developed a modular system that allows you to decide what you have as  a “pass-fail” criteria and how you want to implement those results.

Integration is key: We understand that in most cases there is an existing workflow and data stream that needs to be maintained so our systems has been designed to integrate into company with a the minimum of effort.

Some of things we are asked to find….

  • Particles to Gross scratches (size, placement etc. )
  • Staining, mis-processing
  • Mis-algnment of layers
  • Bond Pad and Probe Mark issues (too large, missing, wrong place etc..)
  • Continuity of edges and block areas+ Much more – just ask!Unfortunately we are covered by lots of NDA’s (Non Disclosure Agreements) so we can only show you results on your own samples.
    (Which is why there are only a few images on this site…  sorry)